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Environment Protection

At Ganga Papers, we exercise the highest commitment to environmental regulations and best practices. We place high priority on the need to preserve the environment and provide better quality of life for the communities where we operate. Environmental concerns have become an integral part of the development process within Ganga Papers.

Ganga Papers has drawn up extensive plans to protect the environment. Minimizing waste, recycling and reusing effluents, monitoring and controlling quality of air emissions, expanding green spaces as well as conducting environmental impact assessments and obtaining various environmental certifications are amongst the top environmental priorities that Ganga Papers observes in existing complexes and new projects.

Ganga Papers is determined to keep its environmental performance at international levels and stringently follows all international safety and protection regulations. 

Employee Safety

For Ganga Papers, safety and health of its people is of principal importance. Ganga Papers invests significant resources to reduce workplace accidents and ensure a safe working environment. The Group protects the interests of its employees by providing them with appropriate and up-to-date training and access to development programs.

 As a part of its commitment, Ganga Papers has taken several measures which have contributed to a large extent to reduce lost man-hours and accidents at the workplace. All employees are provided with knowledge, awareness of any hazardous surrounding conditions and procedures to protect themselves and to enable them to undertake their assigned responsibilities safely and efficiently.

Our companies provide medical facilities for employees and their families by way of on-site clinics, medical insurance and regular health check-ups. Our companies strictly follow no child labor policy.

By adhering to world safety standards, promoting product and operational safety, and encouraging the active participation of every employee, the Ganga Papers creates a conducive work environment.


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